The Posh Geometry

Firstly, it is everlasting. Set in stone. A priori.

Second, though obvious to all, it is put to language by one consumed by one’s own knowledge.

It is music & it is slow & slowly into us all as it surrounds & inhabits.


The birds bathe in the birdbath beneath my window throughout the day.


Any two set points of demarcation can be paired by a single line.


One chair in the yard has been pulled from the table made of gray metal.

My sight is a straight line from my mind to the chair, emitted & reflected.


I would prefer not to follow the first word with another word.

But there is a need for words.


Lastly, there is a need for words.

As the hemorrhaged light of the afternoon fills my being,


the birds through the yard are innately demonstrating a physics unknown to our bodies.


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